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Call Us Today To Get Started: (478) 251-7977

Call Us Today To Get Started: (478) 251-7977

~It is a joy to introduce R&B REEVES & BOY'S LLC. We offer a catering service with our cook Rinalda's own twist and art.~

What We Do

We provide catering for events and private demos with our own twist and art. We offer an assortment of sauces, recipes, and also seasoning that will knock your socks off. We don't have a specific menu so ask for what you want and we'll make sure to go on from there.

Our Food

Our Story

Our great cook Rinalda Reeves, learned from his father who started Reeves and Boys with his brother. Try our amazing smoked meat dishes and Rinalda's unique sauces like "Mama Ann's Special Seasoning" named after his beautiful mother, and "Benny C's Soul Sauce" named after his father.

Our Sauces

Our Mission

To cater and consult to everyone, and to serve you. Our goal is to give you the consumer a new taste. Our hard work and dedication to pleasing our customers is our top priority. We strive to serve happiness to our customers with our delicious recipes.

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At Reeves & Boy's, we take the health and wellbeing of our customers seriously.
We have implemented new safety measures to provide our customers with an experience that is both hygienic and fun.

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